Acer Aspire 5020 WLMi and SUSE 10.0

Januar 31, 2006

Laptop: Acer Aspire 5020 WLMi

AMD Turion 64bit
15,4" TFT
ATI mobility Radeon x600
1 GByte RAM
WLAN built-in

Installed System: WinXP (preinstalled) and Suse 10.0

Harddrive, USB, Trackpad, DVD-dual, sound, ethernet, keyboard, wide-screen worked out of the box.

basic graphics settings as well, I installed proprietary ATI-drivers for 3D-acceleration, no problem

As acer has a special software switch for on-board WLAN, no chance of getting it working. I am using an USB-WLAN-Stick (DWL-122, ACX100) without problems

If PCMCIA is used, the system crashes due to an interrupt problem with graphic devices, so is not working.

The card reader isn' t supported either.

Problems I have to fix:
In powersave mode the display isn't shutting down.

On shutdown, you have to hit te power button for completely shutdown.

Sometimes the graphic system isn't starting automaticly, you have to log in and "startx".

Did not figure out, how to activate external monitor out, e.g. for beamer. Probably some more or less hidden option by graphics driver.

In general not everything supported (especially WLAN and PCMCIA), so you should think of buying another laptop until Acer manages to make more compatible models.
For me, its enough, because I manage my stuff.